Coin Consultation Services

Whether you are an experienced pro, or someone new to the world of coin collecting, Dave Wnuck Numismatics offers invaluable guidance and consulting assistance to help you succeed. Whether you want to find rare coins to purchase, or you’re interested in selling coins, Dave can help.

Contact Dave Wnuck today to discuss your needs or schedule an appointment for a certified appraisal.

U.S. Coins, World Coins, Currency… Gold, Silver, Copper, and Everything in Between
With such a wide range of potential assets and collectibles, it takes years of painstaking education, research, and preparation to successfully navigate through the world of currency and coins. 

An accredited member of the prestigious Professional Numismatists Guild, Dave Wnuck brings a true fascination and curiosity to the process, along with the depth of experience, professionalism, and unwavering credibility, to guide you safely and successfully to your goals.

He can help you understand coin grading, the best places to buy coins, which type of coins to look for, and the different precious metals found in coins.

Learn The Ins and Outs of Coin Collecting
Rare gold coins and currency can elevate even the most modest collection to great heights and exceptional value. Dave Wnuck will help you locate that one special item or that special collectible line that will excite the senses and compound your investment. 
Dave offers coin collectors assistance with:
  • Direct purchases
  • Expert appraisals
  • Professional advice
  • Market value assessments
  • Finding that perfect coin

Estate Planning & Coin Valuations in Connecticut

Managing coin and currency collections within an estate can be a complex and rather daunting process, especially for those who may have inherited or become entrusted with these items from a friend or relative. 

Maintaining and preserving a collection for your estate over time offers additional challenges, including those related to security, documentation, valuation, assignment, transfer, and insurance. Estate taxes may also come into play. 

Dave Wnuck Numismatics has the experience to guide you through this process while protecting the asset and maximizing its long-term value.