Another Cool Coin Lost… Forever?

Have you ever done something so dumb that you can’t believe you just witnessed yourself doing it?
You haven’t? Er … well, this is awkward then.

I was going for a, “Yeah Dave, I’ve done some really dumb stuff too,” sort of vibe here. Anyway, here’s what happened with my adventure in stupidity.

A raw coin arrived in the mail for me last week. After I picked it up at the post office, I couldn’t wait to see it in hand. So – like the eager genius I am I got into my car, opened the package right away and took the coin out of its 2×2 envelope.

Instantly it slipped through my fingers and fell into a tiny seam in the center console of my car.
One moment it was in my hand; the next – gone like it never existed. If I had 100 more tries I couldn’t have dropped another coin into that tiny gap.

When I recovered from the shock of it I furiously tried to get at the coin from various angles, with no luck. In frustration I briefly considered turning the car upside down and shaking it until the coin fell out, but that seemed impractical.

To recover it will require some major dis-assembly of the interior of my car. I have a good coin friend who fixes up cars for resale who I know could help, but I don’t know if I want to subject myself to the ridicule that will most assuredly come with his assistance.

Its not even about the money – I just wanted that damn COIN! For 200 years it survived in delightful shape against all odds. Two world wars, several financial panics, one worldwide depression –it was still pristine. Now in one quick second it is part of a sedan. Ugh.