Connecticut coin dealer Dave Wnuck

Where to Find A Professional Coin Dealer in Connecticut

When you want your collection appraised, or if you’re looking to sell coins in your collection, finding a reputable coin dealer in Connecticut is step one. It’s fairly easy to find just any coin dealer – but you don’t want to trust your coin collection to “just anybody.” 

You want to find a coin dealer who is respected by their peers, demonstrates ethics throughout their business operations, and is an experienced numismatist. 

A Trustworthy Coin Dealer in CT

In the state of Connecticut, there are only five coin dealers who are also members of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). The PNG is a nonprofit organization that sets a strict code of ethics for its members, guaranteeing authenticity, integrity, confidence, and professionalism in all numismatic dealings.

Dave Wnuck is proud to be a member of the PNG. He went through extensive vetting by the PNG to ensure he met all of the qualifications required to be a PNG member. As a PNG-certified professional numismatist, Dave is an expert in appraising many types of coins, including:

  • US coins and currency collections
  • Rare silver and copper coins
  • Colonial coins & currency
  • World coins and currency
  • Bullion and 90% US silver

Dave’s Professional Accreditation:

  • Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (member since 1978)
  • Professional Coin Grading Service Authorized Dealer
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation Authorized Dealer
  • Paper Money Guaranty Authorized Dealer

Benefits of Choosing a Local Hartford Connecticut Coin Appraiser

As with many things today, coins are often appraised, bought, and sold online instead of in a coin shop. While that is certainly a way that offers convenience, there are far more benefits to face-to-face with a local, trusted coin dealer in your area.

A local CT coin dealer can offer you the preferred buying and selling rates. These best prices for coins cannot be guaranteed online because they cannot examine them in hand. Typically the best prices are offered to customers with whom a local coin dealer has a good relationship.

Additionally, an in-person coin inspection and appraisal is always preferable to those done online through pictures. Here is a detailed outline of what to expect during the coin appraisal process.

Best Coin Dealer in Connecticut

Dave Wnuck Coins offers experience and professionalism to all those looking to buy, sell, or have their coins appraised. We’re proud and excited to serve collectors who are new to collecting, those who have extensive collections, and those who have inherited a collection. If you’re a coin collector in the Hartford, New Haven, and Middlesex, or Litchfield counties and surrouning areas of Connecticut, contact us today! We’ll help answer questions about your collection, even if it’s just a single coin.