So You Want to Enter a Grading Contest?

Coin Appraisal

PCGS held a few “grading contests” at major shows a few years ago. I never participated, and later regretted not doing so. So when NGC announced they were going to be doing one at the FUN show this year, I signed up right away. Here is what a grading contest consists of. Basically, you have […]

What Will the Coin Market Be Like 10 Years From Now?

coin dealer

It seems to me that right now the coin market is at an inflection point. So much so that predicting we are in for “more of the same” over the next 10 years would likely be well wide of the mark. So let me dust off the ol’ crystal ball and get down to predict-er-ing.  […]

What is the most expensive coin you have ever owned?

That’s an easy one. Far and away the most expensive coin I have personally bought and sold was this coin: It is a 1793 Chain Cent, With the word AMERICA abbreviated as “AMERI”. I purchased it for $1.5 million. How did you discover the coin? Well, I wish I could say something like, “I found […]

Well Preserved Coins are Little Miracles

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things It seems whenever I buy something new, something bad happens to it. Within a week of buying every new car, someone’s car door or a stray shopping cart has made a little dent in the side of it.  I was reminded of this truism this morning.  I […]