a professional coin appraiser

Why You Should Use A Professional Coin Appraiser

Whether you are a new collector, an experienced pro, or have been entrusted a collection through a relative’s estate, knowing the value of the coins in your collection is likely at the top of your to-do list. 

Online coin guides and online appraisals are a dime a dozen. While they are certainly convenient, they are not going to lead you to the best valuation of what your collection is worth. You may even get low-balled, or lied to. Your best bet for getting a fair and honest price for your coins is to go with a professional coin appraiser that you meet with in person.

Why You Should Use A Professional Coin Appraiser

To avoid losing sight of the true value of your coin collection and potentially being ripped off, you should be picky about the person that appraises your coins. Finding a trustworthy professional coin appraiser is the key to having your collection appraised accurately. Do your research. You should choose a numismatist based on the following factors:

Professional Accreditation

A coin appraiser that is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) is going to be one with a strict ethical code and a guarantee of authenticity, confidence, professionalism, and integrity. 


Finding a professional coin appraiser that is local to your area is not just about convenience. Local coin dealers are more likely to have a good reputation within your community, with other numismatists, and with coin buyers and sellers.

In the Hartford, Connecticut, area, there’s no better choice than Dave Wnuck for your coin appraisal, buying, and selling needs!

In-Person Appraisals

Coin appraisals that are done in person – rather than online – are always the preferable method. Online appraisals can only be done through pictures, and even the best appraiser may miss something important. The best way to get an accurate appraisal of your coin collection is to schedule an appointment with a local numismatist that you can physically take them to.

What to Avoid When Getting Your Coins Appraised

Coin appraisers that do not have their professional accreditations advertised, that don’t take in-person appointments, and that do their business online are to be avoided when you are looking for someone to accurately tell you what your collection is worth. 

You also want to avoid taking the opinions of those that use YouTube, Etsy, TikTok, and eBay to sell coins. They are notorious for selling coins for way more than they are worth!

Online price guides, while they may be good for giving you a general idea of the value of your coins, are not the best source for coin appraisals. The coin values listed in online guides can only reflect the value of a coin that has been appraised; your coin’s condition is likely going to be different from those in online guides. 

Contact A Professional Coin Appraiser Today

Dave Wnuck checks all of the boxes of a trustworthy, accredited, professional coin appraiser. He has a solid reputation for being someone you can count on to be honest and ethical in all of your dealings with him. Dave serves the Hartford, New Haven, Middlesex, and Litchfield, CT counties and is happy to schedule an in-person consultation with you.