Coin Profile: The 1943 Steel Penny

the 1943 steel penny

The 1943 Steel Penny, or “steelies” is a unique looking coin so many people collected them. Numismatists are eager to collect and trade in the rarer versions of this coin.

Where Can I Get Old Coins Appraised

a coin collection that needs to be appraised by Dave W Coins

When a coin is appraised, an expert estimates its value. The world of numismatics is highly specialized, so while many dealers are qualified to give a ballpark estimate, few are qualified to provide an authoritative appraisal of old or new coins.

What Nickels are Silver?

A pile of nickels, some of which may contain silver.

The US nickel is a coin often overlooked in today’s commerce yet one with a fascinating history.

How to Have a Coin Collection Appraised

coin collection

Whether you have inherited a coin collection, are a collector yourself, or are an estate executor or attorney, the one thing you want to know about the collection is its value. That’s why knowing how to have a coin collection appraised is so important. You want to be sure of the coin collection’s value and […]

Fantastic Coins and Where to Find Them


Well, you can find fantastic coins here, actually. Simply scroll past the painstakingly written but completely uninformative articles below and have a go at them. Idea: Sell Your Stuff At Auction and Receive 10,000 Times What You Were Told Was Worth Late last month in Switzerland, a Chinese vase that was estimated to be worth […]

Here’s an Idea: Collect Stardust


Scientists have discovered that every single speck of gold now on earth was the result of one or more collisions of two neutron stars in our galaxy. This likely occurred billions of years ago. This sounds like something I would make up, but it is absolutely true. Such a collision was first observed last August […]

Another Cool Coin Lost… Forever?

Have you ever done something so dumb that you can’t believe you just witnessed yourself doing it? You haven’t? Er … well, this is awkward then. I was going for a, “Yeah Dave, I’ve done some really dumb stuff too,” sort of vibe here. Anyway, here’s what happened with my adventure in stupidity. A raw […]

So You Want to Enter a Grading Contest?

Coin Appraisal

PCGS held a few “grading contests” at major shows a few years ago. I never participated, and later regretted not doing so. So when NGC announced they were going to be doing one at the FUN show this year, I signed up right away. Here is what a grading contest consists of. Basically, you have […]

What Will the Coin Market Be Like 10 Years From Now?

coin dealer

It seems to me that right now the coin market is at an inflection point. So much so that predicting we are in for “more of the same” over the next 10 years would likely be well wide of the mark. So let me dust off the ol’ crystal ball and get down to predict-er-ing.  […]

What is the most expensive coin you have ever owned?

That’s an easy one. Far and away the most expensive coin I have personally bought and sold was this coin: It is a 1793 Chain Cent, With the word AMERICA abbreviated as “AMERI”. I purchased it for $1.5 million. How did you discover the coin? Well, I wish I could say something like, “I found […]