Why Is The 1916 D Mercury Dime So Valuable?

1916 D Mercury Dime

As a coin collector, you are always looking for the piece that takes your collection to the next level. The 1916 D Mercury Dime would be one such piece because it is one of the few legendary coins whose beautiful design, fascinating history, and relative scarcity make it one of the most famous dimes in history.

Coin Profile: The 1943 Steel Penny

the 1943 steel penny

The 1943 Steel Penny, or “steelies” is a unique looking coin so many people collected them. Numismatists are eager to collect and trade in the rarer versions of this coin.

Where Can I Get Old Coins Appraised

a coin collection that needs to be appraised by Dave W Coins

When a coin is appraised, an expert estimates its value. The world of numismatics is highly specialized, so while many dealers are qualified to give a ballpark estimate, few are qualified to provide an authoritative appraisal of old or new coins.

What Nickels are Silver?

A pile of nickels, some of which may contain silver.

The US nickel is a coin often overlooked in today’s commerce yet one with a fascinating history.

How to Have a Coin Collection Appraised

coin collection

Whether you have inherited a coin collection, are a collector yourself, or are an estate executor or attorney, the one thing you want to know about the collection is its value. That’s why knowing how to have a coin collection appraised is so important. You want to be sure of the coin collection’s value and […]