Why You Should Use A Professional Coin Appraiser

a professional coin appraiser

Whether you are a new collector, an experienced pro, or have been entrusted a collection through a relative’s estate, knowing the value of the coins in your collection is likely at the top of your to-do list.

Coins With No Mint Marks

coin with a mint mark

A mint mark is a very tiny letter on a coin that identifies where the coin was struck or made. What if you find a coin without one?

Why Is The 1916 D Mercury Dime So Valuable?

1916 D Mercury Dime

As a coin collector, you are always looking for the piece that takes your collection to the next level. The 1916 D Mercury Dime would be one such piece because it is one of the few legendary coins whose beautiful design, fascinating history, and relative scarcity make it one of the most famous dimes in history.